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Donor sperm and ova inspections

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Below are the results for the donor sperm and ova inspections in Canada.

You can also learn about how donor sperm and ova inspections are conducted in Canada and what inspectors look for.

Reference number Establishment name Province Inspection start date Rating Currently registered Currently notified
536B7293 KARMA IVF Ontario 2021-06-07 Compliant Yes Yes
24A3836F ReproMed Ltd. Ontario 2021-03-22 Compliant Yes Yes
C0162FB7 Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (Edmonton) Alberta 2021-06-21 Compliant Yes Yes
3C8563B0 OVO Fertility Inc Quebec 2021-09-13 Compliant Yes Yes
5C1F7ED4 Tripod Medical Incorporated Ontario 2021-12-08 Compliant Yes Yes
3C854440 ONE Fertility Kitchener Waterloo Ontario 2022-02-14 Compliant Yes Yes
FEA0D41D Oasis Fertility Centre Alberta 2022-03-07 Compliant Yes Yes
6D3BE612 Victory Reproductive Care Ontario 2022-03-07 Compliant Yes Yes
42113696 Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health Inc. Ontario 2022-03-21 Compliant Yes Yes
CF6BD816 TRIO Fertility Ontario 2022-06-20 Compliant Yes Yes
5D9B9376 Markham Fertility Centre Inc. Ontario 2022-07-11 Compliant Yes Yes
61E2B24B Aurora Fertility Centre Inc. Saskatchewan 2022-10-03 Compliant Yes No
C6CC27C2 The Ottawa Fertility Centre Inc. Ontario 2022-10-24 Compliant Yes Yes
A5743169 The Reproductive Care Centre Ontario 2022-11-14 Compliant Yes Yes
B78A7410 Procrea Fertility (dba Generation Fertility) Ontario 2022-12-05 Compliant Yes Yes
6D3BE612 Victory Reproductive Care Ontario 2022-12-06 Compliant Yes Yes
0CACDE4A Dr. Clifford Librach Medicine Professional Corporation Ontario 2023-02-06 Compliant Yes Yes
F32FF5DF Mount Sinai Fertility Ontario 2023-02-06 Compliant Yes No
3B8EF7EE Astra Fertility Group Ontario 2023-05-15 Inspection in progress Yes No